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May all your days be full of peace, health and HAPPINESS.

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Yoshiaki Yuki is a contemporary Japanese artist who communicates
images and symbols which speak the beauty of the land and the emotions
of the heart. These works are expressed in multiple forms, constrained
by neither category, material, nor medium.

Featured Works

as Artist:
paintings on mixed mediums:
framed panel / kaiga
paper / washi
folding screen / byobu
hanging scroll / kakejiku
ceramic / toki
porcelaing / jiki
lacquerware / shikki
plexiglass / akuriru
textile / nuno

as Art Director:
Collaborative Textile Art with Junichi Arai
Collaborative Functional Art with Japanese craftsmen
Interior Design

Product Design
Graphic Design and Book Production

as Creator and Collector:
Contemporary Objects and Functional Art using antique objects