TOP Biography Hangai Manabu: Artworks

"Revitalization" as the artist's central theme, Manabu Hangai's works are made out of fiber and paper fabricated from recycled materials. He has been questioning about the way of wasting exploitable, or reclaimable resources as garbage. Though the process of making artworks form recycled materials, those disposed wastage which often arouses "negative feelings" are transformed into aesthetically pleasuring objects.

His works of interlaced fiber and paper are made very light (less than 1 lb. per 5 sqft), can be hung easily with obscurely thin wire from the ceiling, and gently swing and/or slowly spin in the indoor airflow.

1963 Born in Hokkaidou JAPAN
1988 Graduated Musashino Art Univercity, Tokyo JAPAN
Solo Exhibitions
2005 Gallery MARUFUKU, Kyoto JAPAN
2004 Hokkaido Obihiro Museum of Art, Hokkaido
Art space Baku, Fukuoka
DCROSS - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Tokyo
2003 Abashiri Museum of Art, Hokkaido
Plus Minus Gallery, Tokyo
Theatres des sens gallery, Tokyo
2002 Gallery Pirka, Tokyo
2001 Gallery Michikusa, Fukui
1996 Gallery Le Deco 3, Tokyo
1994 Gallery Le Deco 3, Tokyo
1993 Art Gallery, Fukui
Gallery Fuji, Osaka
Gallery Le Deco 3, Tokyo
1991 Art Gallery, Fukui
Gallery Fuji, Osaka
1988 Gallery NW house, Tokyo
1986 Gallery Gallery, Kyoto
Majour Group Exhibitions
2006 Holland Paper Biennial 2006
(CODA Museum & Rijswijk Museum /Apeldoorn, The Netherlands)
2005 Momo's Art Festival - Dream Expo 2005 (Kushiro Art Museum /Kushiro,JAPAN)
IMADATE ART FIELD (Imadate Art Museum / Imadate,JAPAN)
Textile in Future Expression Exhibition (Contemporary Art Space /Osaka,JAPAN)
T.A.T. in Busan exhibition (Craft storry / Busan,KOREA)
Shibori, Fiber as Art exhibition (Senbikiya gallery / Tokyo,JAPAN)
2004 Wonju hanji festival : Korean & Japanese paper artist's exhibition (Wonju, KOREA)
Commemorative exhibition 10th Anniversary (Lias Arc Museum /Kesennuma, JAPAN)
AZABU 10 BAN ART TEXTILE (Motoazabu gallery / Tokyo,JAPAN)
Paper Works Exhibition Kyoto (Art Center / Kyoto,JAPAN)
2003 Today's Art Textile in Sapporo - Shape of Fiber
(Sapporo Art Garden Craft Gallery / Sapporo,JAPAN)
2002 TALI-IKAT:Fiber Connections (Taman Bdaya / Yogakarta,Indonesia)
Today's Art Textile in Fukuoka (MA gallery / Fukuoka,JAPAN)
International Art Festival in Buzan (Buzan, KOREA)
The Wonderland of Paper Exhibition(Modern Art Museum Tatebayashi/ Tatebayashi,JAPAN)
2001 Today's Art Textile(Sapporo Art Garden Sapporo Art Garden CraftGallery / Sapporo,JAPAN)
Today's Art Textile in Shimoda Bay Stage (Shimoda Harbor Museum /Shimoda,JAPAN)
Show Case Gallery Art Work Exhibition (Gallery & Gallery / Kyoto,JAPAN)
2000 Today's Art Textile : Seoul -Tokyo 2000-2001
(Mokindo Gallery /Seoul,KOREA + Senbikiya Gallery / Tokyo,JAPAN)
Carta e Arte Contemporanea - Energia delle Carte (Academia bell Arte / Bolognia,ITALIA)
Wonju Hanji Festival (Wonju,KOREA)
6th International Paper Symposium (Liptop Museum /Ruzomberok,SLOVAKIA)
Gokayama Washi Exhibition (AXIS Gallery / Tokyo,JAPAN)
Today's Art Textile in Kyoto (Gallery Malone / Kyoto,JAPAN)

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